Monday, April 27, 2009

This year we celebrated Easter for 3 days straight. Our first Easter egg hunt was in Mona, where my brother and his family live. We went to the city park and the kids found tons of yummy treats in the rain. Then we went to their house for some play time and a bbq.

Easter morning at Grandma's house, the kids got some fun surprises!
The kids waiting to do the Easter egg hunt at Grandma's house, right before we left to drive home.
The face Kaden was making is not normal, I don't know what he was doing!

For the last 3 years the kids and I have been in Utah for Easter, since that is when Kaden has spring break. Jorge always misses out so we saved their Easter baskets until we got home on Monday. The kids were really excited to get home and got some fun things. Then they had a little Easter egg hunt in the backyard, Jorge enjoyed being able to celebrate Easter with his boys!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Snowmobiling at Daniel's Summit

My parents took a day off of work to take me and my boys snowmobiling. We went up to Daniel's Summit and had a great time. We snowmobiled to the lodge and had a yummy lunch then my dad pulled the boys around on a sled behind the snowmobile. Nicolas loved being the driver and didn't want to get off even when it was time to go home.

My sweet husband surprised me and had some beautiful flowers and chocolates delivered to me at my parents house. He missed us so much and I was feeling stressed out about life, so these really brightened my day!

Our friends, the Brown's, invited us over for a fun evening of dinner and dying Easter eggs. The boys also had a great time playing together. Nicolas thought it was fun being "naked" while they did the eggs, he thinks not having a shirt on is considered being naked. Thanks Kari for having us over!
While I was in Utah my mom and I had a baby shower for my cute sis in law Jessica. Her and my brother Kevin are expecting their first baby, a boy, at the end on May. They are so excited and are going to be amazing parents. Besides Jorge begging me to have another baby she also wanted us to have one really bad so her baby could have a cousin close to his age. I told her no way, so she was thrilled when she found out I was pregnant. I think she was secretly very happy when we found out ours was also a boy and she did her best to get me excited. I think these 2 little cousins will be best buddies growing up!

Kevin stopped by after the shower and she showed him all of the cute stuff they received.
The two pregnant girls!

Nicolas took a bath in my moms jetted tub. The bubbles got a little crazy and Nicolas had a great time.
The day we left for Utah Kaden had testing in karate and earned his orange belt, good job Kaden!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My boys and I just returned from a very wonderful 2 week visit to Utah. I drove there and back by myself. Jorge missed us so much and it was really hard being apart. I forgot my camera cord so I just decided to take a break from the computer and enjoy our time there. I was deathly ill the first week we were there (and the week before that) but my doctor called in an antibiotic for me and I finally started feeling like myself again. Nicolas decided he didn't need or like sleep while we were there so I became physically and emotionally exhausted dealing with him and fighting to get him to sleep, I'm hoping we can get him back to normal very soon. It was nice being home last night and letting Jorge join in on the hour of crazy, screaming, out of control 2 year old fun! He was great and still happier then ever to have us home and I enjoyed the break. I received a call from my doctor shortly after I got there and he said after looking at my ultrasound the baby looks fine but I have placenta previa. I found out at my appointment today it is a partial coverage which is good because it has a higher chance of moving. I will get an ultrasound in a month to see if it has moved at all. We're hoping and praying it moves so I don't have to have a c section or go on bed rest so I don't bleed. I'm having a hard time not running which is something the doctor has outlawed (amongst other things) I feel the pounds packing on! I am used to running 6 miles or more a day, so it is killing me. I was able to run up until the day before I had Nicolas, so I'm pretty disappointed, but I'll do whatever I have to do to have a healthy baby. So other than all of this wonderful stuff we did enjoy our trip. We didn't get to see as many friends and do everything we would of liked, but it was nice to relax and enjoy my family more than anything! I'm just hoping that next time I can find some good deals on airline tickets, that is a very long drive with 2 crazy boys! I'll post pictures of some of our fun adventures later, right now I'm unpacking and repacking for our trip to Disneyland with my parents tomorrow!