Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crazy Boys!

We haven't had much going on lately other then trying to entertain these 3 monkey's. They have been fighting like crazy and need to get out of the house, I can't wait for Spring to come!
Playing the Wii Fit to get some energy out before bed!

Can you see the terror in Jackson's eyes when Nicolas decides to be "helpful" he thought Jackson wasn't swinging fast enough, 1 2 3 Go!

Nicolas looked very handsome for church but I couldn't get him to act normal for a picture, this captures his CRAZY personality though!
Jackson's favorite thing to do is to play what I call the suffocation game. He puts his little blanky over his face then kicks like crazy as if he were suffocating then he pulls it off his face really fast and just laughs and squeals!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is our big family Christmas party. My Grandma and Grandpa worked so hard to put it together and did a great job. Jorge catered it with some delicious Costa Vida food, it couldn't of been better! Christmas is one of the few times all year that our extended family gets together so its fun to see everyone and the kids had a blast with all of their cousins

Nicolas not to sure about Santa!

Jackson had been asleep so he was wondering what was going on when he was placed in some strange mans arms. Santa was a little worried about his beard that Jackson had a firm grip on!
I couldn't resist not embarrassing Nicolas in the future with this picture. He was "helping" me make cookies for Santa. I don't know where his pants were but he really got into his work. I left him alone for a few minutes and he made a lovely concoction with flour, powdered sugar, and green food coloring. He made a disaster but we had fun!

Christmas 2009

I can't seem to stay caught up, but here are a few pictures of our Christmas. It was a weird Christmas for us this year. We're still living with my parents so all of our stuff was in storage so we didn't do our own decorating or the traditions we usually do. I hope that next year we will have our own home again and that it will seem more like Christmas because its my favorite holiday. We still had a great Christmas and enjoyed watching the kids open their gifts and had a great time with family. My parents were grateful to have us here so their Christmas wasn't as lonely. My brothers and their families were away this year so it was just our family and my parents and little brother. My parents spoiled the grandkids this year, we're lucky to have them!

Nicolas was so excited I don't think he stopped jumping up and down the whole morning. We didn't let the boys wake us up til 7:30 and sure enough Kaden woke up Nicolas and they were in our room at 7:30 on the dot.
Every time Nicolas opened up a present he would yell that he got just what he wanted, we would ask him what it was and he would say "I don't know!" it was pretty funny. Then when we opened our gifts he would ask if it was just what we wanted from Santa.
Everyone had a good time and got what they wanted from Santa, Kaden was a little jealous that Jorge got the new Tony Hawk skateboard game for the Wii. I got the Wii fit plus, its pretty fun but has made me realize how uncoordinated I am!
Here is little Jackson with all of his loot. He slept right through the craziness and woke up at 8:30 after all the fun was done. He didn't care about much he just wanted to eat the wrapping paper and have his bottle. Next Christmas will be so fun with him being older!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Jackson is getting older and more fun. He still looks like a deer in the headlights when I pull out the camera. He's starting to like to sit up more, I think he gets tired holding that big old noggin up though and gets mad after a few minutes, and he still hates tummy time! We are hoping that some day he learns how to roll over. He loves to watch his brothers as long as they don't get too loud and he likes to be carried around. He's a very good eater and spitter so we are always ready with a burp cloth.

Jackson started eating cereal a few weeks ago. He's not very good at it obviously! Jorge saw the picture and asked why I took a picture of him throwing up!
Every morning when Jackson wakes up I bring him in our bed and we hang out for a while, he loves it and so do I. I love being lazy and cuddling him when he's at his happiest point in the day!
I'm really behind, but here we are making our gingerbread houses for family night the Monday before Christmas. Next time we won't use the sprinkles from the package because they stained Nicolas' hands for almost a week!