Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nicolas' 4th Birthday

Nicolas turned 4 on August 11th. We had a very fun and busy day! The day before I took him on his birthday date and he wanted to go to Cabellas and take his friend Ammon. We had a good time and then we went to lunch at CPK after.
On his birthday we had half the neighborhood come over for a super fun water party. Nicolas always manages to hang out with the older ladies!
Nicolas wanted a Toy Story 3 party and he was very excited about his cake!
The water balloon fight got pretty crazy with almost 30 kids, there were a few tears but for the most part they had fun!
After the big party we went out to Nicolas' favorite place, Brick Oven, it was very yummy!
We got home and opened his presents from us he loved his Toy Story bedspread as you can see!
Nicolas is a fun little boy. He is tiny for his age but makes up for it in his spunky personality. He loves to be outside playing with all of the big kids, watching movies and eating popcorn, and loves his brothers!

Jackson's Birthday Party!

I'm almost a 2 months behind on the blogging but sooner or later I'll catch up. This is from Jackson's birthday party. He had lots of fun on his birthday and loved all of the attention but had no clue what it was all about. He is such a sweet baby!
He got a balloon first thing in the morning and loved it!
Opening presents, he got lots of fun new toys!
Getting into his cake! This lasted a couple of minutes then when he decided he was done and couldn't get that stuff of his hands he started screaming and that was the end of the cake!