Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guitar Hero, Cheerleaders, Soccer, and Karate

This is a pretty random post but we have been doing some interesting stuff lately so I thought I would share.
The boys love to play Guitar Hero together, this is them Saturday morning perfecting their skills!
Friday night some friends invited us to their sons JV football game. We were sitting in front of the cheerleaders and at first Nicolas was a little nervous about all of the yelling, kicking, and jumping around, but as you can see he warmed right up to them. When they would dance he would just sit and stare and as soon as they were done he would clap and yell good job! By the end of the game they were saying how adorable he is and how they wished he was old enough to be their boyfriend. All I can say is after seeing some of those wild girls I'm ready to lock up my boys til they are 40! Its scary to think of girls getting their hands on my sweet little boys!

Kaden got to be goalie on Saturday for part of the game. He was pretty nervous about it but fortunately his team is so good that the ball never even came to him, so no worries. They won again 5-0, great job Dynamite!
Kaden started karate this week and went in for an evaluation, he did great and we are going to his first class today.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A conversation with Kaden

I just got home from dropping Kaden off at his friends house and we had a very interesting conversation. Kaden always asks really random questions and probably thinks I don't know anything because my answer is usually that I don't know. The questions are usually about snakes, lizards, fish, and alligators, which I really don't like, so I don't know much about them! So anyways as we're pulling out of the driveway he asks, "How long did it used to take to get from our old house to my old school, like 10 minutes?" Me,"Probably". A minute later,"Can alligators breath under water?" Me,"I'm not sure." Then he asks "How big are fleas are they teeny teeny tiny?" Me,"Yep" Kaden,"What color are they?" Me, "I'm not sure I think they are black or brown." Then he asks,"Do dust mites live everywhere but where its really really freezing cold like Antartica?" Me,"I don't really know much about dust mites, sorry." Then he see's the swimming pool and asks, "Does it cost $5 per person to get into the swimming pool?" Me, "Yes". Kaden,"So it would cost us $20 for our whole family?" Me,"Yep". Kaden,"My friend Lauren has 2 pet crabs." Me,"Wow, she's lucky."
At that point we got to his friends house and it was the end of the conversation. As you can see I don't have to say much, he just wants an answer. Sometimes I would love to get in his head and see whats going on in there. If he's not talking he's making some sort of noise and usually standing on his head at the same time.

Kaden's First Soccer Game

Last Saturday was Kaden's first soccer game. It was a fun, intense game(even though it was hot,in the 100's) He is on a new team this year. A few boys from our ward are on it and he's having alot of fun. His team did awesome for their first game. They scored a goal in the first 10 seconds of the game, I didn't even realize it had started yet! The team really worked well together and won 9-0(I think). Kaden is a little timid so we're working on getting him to be a little more agressive. I told him if he scores a goal I'll give him $10, we'll see if that gets him going at the next game!

Nicolas staying hydrated!

Waiting for the ball by the goal, which didn't get down there very often.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Kaden thinks he wants a pet snake but I have told him over and over that it will never happen. I hate snakes, just thinking about them grosses me out! One of his friends has 2 snakes and he invited Kaden to come over one day to watch their weekly feeding. He was so excited to go he could hardly wait. The snakes quickly gobbled up the poor little white mice, then we went home. Kaden thought it was pretty cool!

Mommy and Me

Nicolas and I got invited to join a little group of moms and fellow 2 year olds to do a preschool type thing called Mommy and Me. You take turns going to each persons house and follow a book with a different lesson each week. Last week they learned about apples. Nicolas had fun and is excited to go back tomorrow.

Some of the kids got finished with coloring and decided to hid.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Parties and Swimming!

On Labor Day we got together with some friends for a bbq and swimming in the pool. The kids had a great time. We're grateful we have friends that love to share their nice pool!

Nice look on Nicolas, he was thinking he was pretty cool!

We went to the pool at our gym Saturday and Nicolas just kind of sat on the chair and zoned out for a few minutes. He looks pretty silly! He also insisted on bringing his blanky and "Nachos" the dog with us.

Friday was Nicolas' little friend Sam's 2nd birhtday and they invited us over for a bbq and swimming. It was nice to hang out and visit while the kids played. Kaden had a lot of fun swimming and playing with some friends and talked all about it for the next few days. Nicolas also had fun with Sam.