Monday, August 25, 2008

A visit from Grandma and Grandpa!

My mom and dad came to visit us a couple of weeks ago and spent their last week of summer vacation with us. Since they could have gone somewhere really exciting but chose to spend 10 hours driving here I thought we needed to do something really fun. I kept them busy with activities almost every minute of the day! We decided to drive down to San Franisisco and spend a couple of days. It only takes about 2 hours to get there which is really nice. On the way there we stopped at the Jelly Belly Factory. The line for the tour was over an hour wait so we decided that since we've done it before we would just get some treats and be on our way. We got to San Fransisco and had to drive around that crazy city looking for our hotel. I was the driver and was scared to death that I was going to get us all killed. The drivers there are out of control! We found our hotel which was 100 years old, but refurbished, it was a fun place. We changed into warmer clothes and headed out for the evening. We had alot of fun walking around, eating, and watching all of the interesting people. The next day we went to China Town and did some shopping. Kaden was in search of some treasure a friend said he had gotten in San Fran. He never found it and was pretty frustrated. We went into about 50 little shops while we were there. After a long day of walking and sight seeing we headed home, not realizing we were going to hit rush hour traffic. It took over 3 LONG hours to get home, I don't think my parents had much fun dealing with the kids. I sure miss my parents we had so much fun. I am so grateful for the opportinities they give us to spend time with them. I told them it is hard living so far away but if we didn't we wouldn't get to do these fun things and have them all to ourselves.
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

2 years!

Two years ago today we arrived at our little apartment here in California. It's so crazy to think we have been here that long. At times it seems like we've been here forever and sometimes like time has flown past. I honestly didn't know I would be able to survive to see this day! I know that sounds dramatic but in the beginning things were pretty rough. Nicolas was two weeks old when we moved, he didn't sleep well and cried alot! I didn't know anyone here and didn't know what to do with him. We got here and the next day we took our little Kaden who wasn't quite five to a strange school to start kindergarten. He was so strong and helped us through such a hard time with his sweet spirit. It is really hard for me to look back at those first 9 months here but somehow we made it through. I'll never forget the day my mom showed up at my door. We had been here for about a month and I was really struggling. I was depressed and having a really hard time with Nicolas. That day I decided that I couldn't handle breastfeeding and was in a lot of pain, she gently convinced me I should keep trying (so I wouldn't explode)and give it a little more time. She has been the one who got me through all of my hard times, and I don't know where I would be without her. Nicolas is now a wonderful, sweet 2 year old and I love him so much. After 2 moves since we've been here, we've bought a house and we're settled here for now. Thank you everyone who has helped us through this time, especially my parents for their frequent visits that I couldn't go without.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Picture Day

So today I took Nicolas to get some 2 year old pictures taken at Target. This is a picture of him after I got him all ready to go. I realized as I pulled into the parking lot at Target that I spend way to much time there. I hadn't said that we had arrived or anything, the second he saw the building he yelled "Target, my Target!" He's such a funny kid! After we got in and all ready to take pictures he took off running down an aisle and said "No pictures!" I bribed him by telling him we would buy him a pack of gum after, I've never seen him smile so big for a picture!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nicolas' Birthday Celebrations

Its been a busy week so I'm just getting a chance to post some pictures from Nicolas' birthday party. We had all of his little friends come over for a fun swimming party and picnic. The kids had so much fun playing in the water, sand, and bubbles. Nicolas thought it was fun to have all of his friends come to play too. He loved his cupcake(mostly the frosting)! He also enjoyed opening presents, he could hardly wait. His friends helped him open them too. He got lots of great new toys, then he gave each of his little friends a bag of goodies for coming. Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate.
When Jorge got home we went to Red Robin and had a yummy dinner, they also sang to Nicolas and brought him icecream. Then we went to Toys R Us so Nicolas could use the $3 gift card they sent him (we ended up spending $20 more dollars so he could actually get something)! They gave him a crown and balloon and he thought that was pretty neat. We came home after that to more cupcakes and icecream, so Kaden and Daddy could have some. Then he got more presents from us and Kaden. We got him a scooter and he's been riding it around the house and having lots of fun. We sure had a fun day and I can't believe my crazy, sweet baby is 2 years old! We love you Nicolas!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Nicolas!

Today my baby turned 2! Nicolas has been excited for his party, he's been singing Happy Birthday and is excited to see all of his friends. More to come later, after all of the celebrations!

Back to School!

Today was a big day for us, my little boys are growing up! Kaden started 2nd grade! It is so great to live right across the street from the school. When the line up bell rang at 8:20, we walked out and got him lined up, I love it! While he was at recess I walked out to take out the garbage and got to see him at the playground. Now that he gets to go to school there I realize why we bought this house. Last year there wasn't enough room when we moved in so he got bussed to another school. It was okay with him though since he got to stay at the same school he was already at. I'm hoping that he likes his teacher. Every time I tell someone who his teacher is they say how strict she is and she doesn't put up with any crap! The first thing Kaden said when I asked him about school was that his teacher is strict. Kaden better be a good kid!
Lined up and ready to start the day!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My little artist

Last Saturday our ward did a cute little talent show. The kids could perform a talent or display something they made. Kaden drew a great ocean scene and did some water colors over it. He was excited about showing his picture and had a good time. The kids got to eat popcorn and watch all of the fun talents then they had a little spirtual message about talents.

Nicolas thought he had to get in the picture too! He looks up to Kaden so much he is such a great big brother.

Bye Bye Binkies!

After almost two years of enjoying this lifesaving device it is time to say Goodbye! Last week we decided that since Nicolas is turning two it was time to get rid of the binky. He only had it in bed but he loved it and it was hard to see it go. It wasn't that hard to get rid of it, he just had a hard time putting himself to sleep. Now that its been a week I think he's officially over it. I told him they are for babies, he gets pretty jealous when he sees a baby with one. And I don't know what to tell him when he sees kids with them. We were in San Fransisco for a couple days last week and he saw a three year old with one, he was really tired and started crying for it and was pretty heart broken that he couldn't have one. That little thing saved my life dealing with colic and reflux, it was the only thing that helped. During his first 9 months he cried almost all the time and the binky was the only thing that soothed him. This is a huge milestone for us!

Circus Circus

I know this is long past due since we've been home for over a week but this was a fun experience so I thought I would put some pictures on here. On our way home from Utah we stopped in Reno for dinner and ended up at Circus Circus. That is one crazy place. I think I could have just sat there for hours watching all of the interesting people. My favorite was the 400 lb. woman who only stopped gambling long enough to give her 2 obese kids $40 to go get more food(buffet of course) and play more games so she could gamble some more.
Anyways, we had dinner at the buffet(we had to fit in so we didn't get mugged), then watched a juggling show, played a few games, then finished the last 2 hours of our drive. We thought we would stop for about an hour but it ended up being 2 and a half hours. We ended up not getting home til one in the morning. We were all exhausted the next day!

My happy boys! Kaden won a stuffed animal playing a game. He was so excited.

The juggling show, they were really good.

Nicolas enjoyed the buffet!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day

On Pioneer Day we went to my parents old neighborhood for fireworks and homemade icecream. It was fun to see all of the old neighbors and enjoy some fireworks. Kaden had fun with all of the kids.
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