Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Reunion

Over Labor Day weekend we went up to the Heber Valley Camp where my Grandparents are serving a mission for a family reunion. Almost everyone on my Dad's side of the family was there and it was so fun to see everyone and catch up. The weather was beautiful and the camp was such a neat place to be, it was so peaceful and you could feel the spirit being there.
Jacob and Nicolas with Great Grandma Thatcher. My Grandma and Grandpa are camp hosts for the camp ground as a mission. They have worked so hard over the summer keeping the camp up for girls camps and families on the weekends. They loved having the family up there and it was so fun to see them.
Jackson and Cory hanging out on my grandparents sofa watching the BYU game.
My Dad (in the middle) and his brothers and sisters
There is a huge sandbox next to the lake and all of the little cousins spent hours playing and rolling in the sand.

My family except for my little sister that didn't come.
I love this action shot. The kids rode their bikes and scooters around the pavilion and had a blast!
On the last day everyone got to go on the ropes course. Nicolas was so upset that they wouldn't let him go all the way to the top, they only lifted him and let him swing. He kept telling everyone he was 6 to try to convince them to let him do it. The missionary couples were so sweet and patient with all of the little kids, even the few that got to the top and started crying, wanting to get down.
We had so much fun and were so grateful for the opportunity to be with family and enjoy this beautiful place. My Grandparents are amazing, hard working people and we are so lucky to have them!

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Boys!

This little guy is really chunking up. We were having issues breastfeeding, he was so sleepy and jaundiced that he wasn't eating enough so I put him on formula. He loves to eat, even though he usually sleeps through most of it. When he wakes up to eat he screams his head off until you get that bottle in his mouth. After dealing with Nicolas' issues we just decided we wanted to enjoy this little guy, and having him on the bottle has been a life saver. He is reminding us more and more of Nicolas. He's really gassy and grunts and pushes all day and night long. Any suggestions on things that might help him? We are so exhausted taking care of him at night and listening to him try to pass gas or poop, I hope he grows out of it really fast because we need sleep!
I love spending my mornings with these two cute guys! Its a huge adjustment taking care of three kids, most days I feel like a bad mom because I can't give Kaden and Nicolas the attention they need. I am so grateful for my parents, they help so much with the kids. They get them up and going in the morning and get Kaden to school each morning. After Jackson has his morning feeding we head out for a long walk with my sis in law Jess and her baby, trying to lose these pregnancy pounds! I'm so lucky to have 3 handsome, healthy boys!


On Sunday we tried to get some pictures of the kids together. They were all crazy and we never got a good one of them all together. Kaden and Nicolas have loved being here. On Sunday's they get to play with their cousins and have a great time. We can't wait for Jackson and Cory to join in the fun.

We had a little get together for my Grandma's birthday and this is a few of her Great Grandkids. Jackson and his cousin Cory were asleep so they aren't in the picture. There have been 4 babies born since May, so there are lots of cousins to play together. Nicolas had so much fun playing with his 2nd cousins that he's never even met. Its so nice to be close to family again so the kids can get to know the family.
I couldn't resist putting this cute picture of Nicolas in the dentist chair on here. He loved going to the dentist for the first time. He watched his favorite shows while he had a full exam. He was so good, I was nervous he would freak out with all of that stuff in his mouth but he did great. He was so excited to get his new toothbrush and a prize.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jackson at 2 weeks

This is pretty much what Jackson did at 2 weeks old. He was calm and quiet when he was awake, he ate, then slept.

Kaden's first day of 3rd grade

Kaden started 3rd grade on the 19th. I can't believe he is getting so old. He was nervous starting school at a new school, but he's done great so far and has made some good friends. He likes his teacher even though everyone told him she was mean and strict. He looks forward to school each day, he gets himself up and ready and walks with my Mom every day. I'm lucky to be here because I'm not functioning properly on very little sleep and its nice to have my parents help. Kaden is also loving the fact that school is easier here and instead of the hour of homework in California he has about 10 min. a few nights a week.

Baby Jackson

Jackson meeting his Great Grandma and Grandpa Thatcher
I love sleeping babies! Too bad he's not doing enough of this at night! He grunts and groans and fusses through the day and night, we're hoping he grows out of it real fast because we're exhausted. If he's awake he wants to be fed or held with a binky in his mouth, he's getting chubby and spoiled!

Happy Birthday Nicolas!

Nicolas celebrated his 3rd birthday on the 11th. We had a fun party for him with friends and family at the park. We had a little dinner, a water balloon fight, a pinata, and some yummy cake. I was worried we wouldn't be able to have his party since I'd just had the baby but I felt great and the party was fun. Nicolas is such a fun part of our family. He is silly and makes everyone laugh. You can't help but smile when you see his big, bright eyes! I'm sad he's growing up so fast, I swear he grew a foot while I was at the hospital and is suddenly not my baby any more! Although baby Jackson is unfortunately acting more like Nicolas did when he was a baby:( We love you Nicolas and we are so lucky to have you!