Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is Jackson at 8 months old. Around 6 1/2 months old he really turned things around and became such a sweet, happy baby! He started sleeping through the night, eating really good, and sitting by himself playing with toys. I love these pictures he was having fun sitting on the bed playing with my mom's dog, Sadie. I can't get enough of those big brown eyes!

I am so far behind on blogging I don't know if its worth catching up but its worth the try! So here is our little Easter. On Easter weekend we moved into our house so it was a crazy, busy weekend. Somehow we squeezed in the big Easter egg hunt at the high school, it was freezing and the candy was crappy, so it was a little disappointing. Easter morning the boys found their baskets and we had a fun, relaxing day!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nicolas' hair was getting pretty long so I had my Mom give him a little trim! He wanted it buzzed and his daddy was so sad to come home and see Nicolas with such short hair.

My friend Julianne from California also came for spring break to visit family out here and she came to visit us. We had a great time visiting and the kids had so much fun playing again! Its fun to catch up with good friends and to see the kids hit it off like no time has passed. We went out to dinner, 7 kids against 2 moms was quite the craziness! We hope they can come back and play soon!

In March we got to go out to dinner with some good friends from California. They were out here for their kids spring break and we were lucky enough to get together with them. We had a yummy dinner at Mi Ranchito and laughed and talked for a couple of hours!

Keri and her giant plate of nachos!

This is my cute boys all bundled up for a run! It was so cold but they had fun. Jackson was about 7 1/2 months old this was mid March so I'm a little behind!