Monday, January 5, 2009

Cristmas Eve

I know I'm pretty lame posting about Christmas Eve almost 2 weeks late but I've been busy and lazy, so I'm finally getting around to it. I was having a hard time getting excited for Christmas since we were here and alone but it ended up turning out okay. Jorge had to work til 5 on Christmas Eve so the boys and I just had a regular day. We went to the gym in the morning then just hung out at home and did a little baking til Jorge got home.
Our good friends, the Heaps', invited us to come over for some yummy soup and brownies. Kaden was excited to play with his friends. After that we went out and looked at Christmas lights with some other friends then went to their house and visited for a while. We decided we better get home so we didn't miss Santa, but we kept the boys out too late. I wish we had spent some more time at home preparing for Santa and getting into the spirit of Christmas. Instead we rushed home and let the boys open their new jammies, put out cookies for Santa, then rushed them to bed.
We had a little Christmas Eve toast with some apple cider before putting the kids to bed. Nicolas thought it was great not having to use a sippy cup!
Jorge and the boys in their new jammies. Jorge surprised me and bought me some too. Kaden and Nicolas were very excited for Christmas morning. Jorge looked out the window and saw a shadow that looked like a reindeer and had Kaden convinced Santa was almost at our house. Kaden rushed to bed so he didn't skip our house. Then Jorge and I got busy putting out all of the gifts. Jorge had done his shopping the day before so we were up til almost 1 so he could wrap his gifts.

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Lisa said...

looks like a fun night!! Love the jammies! I love the spirit through the kids excitement, don't want it to ever go away.