Friday, July 31, 2009

Fourth of July

Shortly after getting to Utah we got to celebrate the fourth of July. It is one of my favorite holidays. I usually start the day with the Freedom Run 10k but this year I was out of commission, so it will have to wait til next year. We went to the big parade in Provo then went home for a family barbecue. Jorge had to work all day to get ready for selling Costa Vida food at the Stadium of Fire. He took Kaden with him so he could "work" and watch the Jonas Brothers. He had a great time and took lots of pictures, I just wish there was at least one of him!

The Jonas Brothers. Kaden thought it was so funny that all of the girls were screaming and crying when they came on stage.
Our attempt at taking cute cousins pictures. The boys were so excited to meet their new cousin, Cory, who was born in May.
We took Sadie to the parade and she hated every second of it!
Me and the boys enjoying the parade.


More Caffiene, Please said...

Okay, either Sadie or Nicholas has the same blanky as Trey. I love them all snuggled up like that!

The Garcia's said...

Sadie was borrowing Nicolas's blanky, that he can't leave home without, because she was trembling from all the firetrucks and loud noises!