Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jackson's Birth Story

On Thursday around 4 am I started having contractions every 15 min. and knew we would be having a baby soon. We thought we had 2 weeks left but our little guy had his own plans! Me, my mom, and my boys got up and headed out to do some shopping. I had a doctor appt. at 12 and when she checked me she said my water was ruptured and she was sending me straight to the hospital. I was really nervous and called Jorge to tell him, he didn't answer so I called the restaurant and the girl that answered said he was really busy and couldn't come to the phone. I started crying and said will you tell him his wife's water broke and she's going to the hospital to have the baby. She freaked out and ran to get him and he rushed to the hospital. Shortly after he got there my brother came and took the boys home and they started my iv and some pitocin to get me dialated. I waited a little too long to get my epidural and was dying by the time they came to put it in. I expected relief but it wasn't working so they put more medicine in it, it still wasn't working so he put a dose of morphine in it and things got scary. I started feeling more and more numb and it was moving up my entire body. I couldn't breathe very good and my head was feeling numb and everything was spinning. All of a sudden my blood pressure dropped and they were really nervous and kept turning me. I kept asking where my legs were and if I was going to die. I was so scared, I've never felt close to dying but I really got nervous when I couldn't breathe and my head felt so weird. Soon they started to have me push and I had no clue what I was doing. If I moved my head I thought I was going to pass out. On the third set of pushes little Jackson was born and wasn't breathing right. In the last few minutes of my labor the placenta detached and I started bleeding really bad and Jackson inhaled blood so they rushed him to the NICU to be put on a breathing machine and put a tube down his throat. I was so scared and didn't really get to see him. My doctor Jeff Thorpe did an amazing job and I was so greatful I got to have him deliver Jackson. He worked quick and stayed calm which kept us from freaking out. He is an amazing Doctor! I was still having blood pressure problems and was really nauseous so they were trying to get me stable enough to go meet my baby. After about an hour they wheeled me in a big bed through the hospital to see Jackson, it broke my heart to see him all hooked up to machines and so helpless. I touched his foot and cried until they took me to my room. I waited there for him until 8:30, 4 hours after he was born, and finally got to hold him. He was so sweet and tiny and we were so greatful he was going to be okay. The epidural didn't wear off until almost 10 pm I was so relieved to be able to feel my body again, I thought for sure I was going to be paralized. The rest of the hospital stay was uneventful. Jorge had to work and my parents came and brought the boys once a day, but it got pretty lonely and I couldn't wait to go home. My cute sister in law Jess spent most of Friday with me which meant a lot, I hate being alone! On Saturday afternoon my mom came and picked us up and it was so nice to go home.
Me and my big boys getting to the hospital to have baby Jackson.
Jackson right after he was born.
Finally getting to meet our little guy!
Kaden and Nicolas wore matching Big Brothers Rock shirts to meet baby Jackson.
Kaden was so excited to meet the baby and hold him, he's a great big brother!
Jackson meeting his 2 month old cousin Cory for the first time. My sis in law Jess said it made her feel like she had a man child seeing him next to a new baby. He weighs about 12 1/2 pounds now.

All ready and excited to bust out of the hospital. He looked so tiny in that big carseat! So that is our story of Jackson being born, it was scary and I can't imagine doing it again but wer'e so happy everyone is doing good now!


becky said...

Wow that is a crazy story. So very traumatic. I'm glad things ended much better. did you have to stay in the hospital longer? Are you healing up quickly?

Lemon Family said...

Very scary Holly, but I'm glad everything turned out and you are both okay. Jackson is adorable. I had Dr. Thorpe for Matthew's delivery and I agree he's a great doctor. Glad you are home and doing well!

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad to know that you & Jackson are doing well. That is a very tramatic story and it pulls at my heart strings. Glad to hear that you had a wonderful doctor who calmly handled the scary situation. And I'm glad that Jorge was there!

lorelie said...

That's a scary story, Holly. Not at all how you envisioned it to go, I'm sure. I'm so glad that things worked out ok and that everyone is doing well now. Little Jackson is just gorgeous! He fits right into the rest of the family!!

Jana said...

Oh I'm so glad all is well. Congrats on your cute family! 3 boys... you go girl! I love your blog! You've grown up to be so dang beautiful!