Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Reunion

Over Labor Day weekend we went up to the Heber Valley Camp where my Grandparents are serving a mission for a family reunion. Almost everyone on my Dad's side of the family was there and it was so fun to see everyone and catch up. The weather was beautiful and the camp was such a neat place to be, it was so peaceful and you could feel the spirit being there.
Jacob and Nicolas with Great Grandma Thatcher. My Grandma and Grandpa are camp hosts for the camp ground as a mission. They have worked so hard over the summer keeping the camp up for girls camps and families on the weekends. They loved having the family up there and it was so fun to see them.
Jackson and Cory hanging out on my grandparents sofa watching the BYU game.
My Dad (in the middle) and his brothers and sisters
There is a huge sandbox next to the lake and all of the little cousins spent hours playing and rolling in the sand.

My family except for my little sister that didn't come.
I love this action shot. The kids rode their bikes and scooters around the pavilion and had a blast!
On the last day everyone got to go on the ropes course. Nicolas was so upset that they wouldn't let him go all the way to the top, they only lifted him and let him swing. He kept telling everyone he was 6 to try to convince them to let him do it. The missionary couples were so sweet and patient with all of the little kids, even the few that got to the top and started crying, wanting to get down.
We had so much fun and were so grateful for the opportunity to be with family and enjoy this beautiful place. My Grandparents are amazing, hard working people and we are so lucky to have them!


becky said...

How fun. That is where our girls' went for girls camp. They loved it. I didn't get to go since Cait was tiny and I couldn't leave her. You are looking great by the way.

Now It's Just Camie... said...

very fun! we miss you guys :)

Danny& Stephanie said...

That looks like so much fun. We miss you guys. We will be there the last week of October. We have to come and meet little Jackson. Are you guys going to be around?