Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jackson 4 months

Jackson was 4 months on the 6th. I still have a hard time getting him to smile for the camera the flash just makes him get a surprised look on his face. He is getting so big, its fun to watch him grow. He sleeps pretty good at night but still struggles during the day. He likes to play with his toys and be held. He loves to be talked to and to look at himself in the mirror. I think he is going to be my shy one, when you talk to him he'll smile and look down, its really cute. He's already a mommy's boy and has thrown some horrible fits when I've left him a few times. He hates tummy time with a passion and has no desire to roll over. The doctor ordered 15 min. of tummy time 3 times a day at 2 months because his head was getting a flat spot from him laying a certain way but its been a struggle and he screams pretty much the whole time! I can't wait for him to get older and get more interactive and mobile.

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