Monday, October 20, 2008

Uncle Kelly's visit!

Nicolas thought he was going home with Kelly
Kelly was sick of me and my camera and wouldn't smile
Saying goodbye

My brother Kelly got to come and spend some time out here with us. The boys had so much fun and were so sad when he had to leave. Nicolas made Kelly carry him everywhere we went. He even said his tummy hurt when I was trying to get him into his stroller so he could get Kelly to hold him. Kelly was great with the kids. He made a fun birthday cake for Kaden's party and did all of the decorating, he was a life saver! He was supposed to come and relax and work on his homework, but we kept him so busy I don't know how much he got done. We're hoping he will come back again soon!


tifferbob said...

That's so nice your brother could come to visit. I know, how it is to live away from family.

I read your post about moving here and having your baby cry and not knowing anyone. It made me cry, I could so relate. We moved to Mississippi two weeks before Grace was born and she was colic for three months. It was a very lonely time.

I hope California is feeling more like home!

Michael and Kari said...

Seems like a fun visit! I can't believe what a little man your brother is growing into! Crazy!