Friday, November 20, 2009

Baptism and Blessing Day

Warning, picture overload, since it was such a big day for our family I put lots of pictures on here! On Halloween Kaden was baptized and Jackson was blessed. It was a very special day, Kaden was nervous, but excited. Jorge did a great job with the baptism, confirmation, and the blessing. Kaden's Grandpa and Aunt Jessica both gave nice talks and his cousins Katie and Kristine sang a beautiful song. It was a perfect day for our boys! Our family and friends came to support them and it couldn't have gone better!

Little Jackson was so tired and ready for his nap he wouldn't smile for the picture
My handsome guys!
Our little Family before the baptism and blessing
Kaden, Erica, and Kennedy. We met Erica and her husband Kip in California. They also moved there from Utah to open Costa Vida. They were our family in California and are such good friends now that we are all back in Utah. Kip and Jorge still work together.
Alex, Kaden, Tyler, and Abby. Kaden and Tyler have been friends since Kaden was 2 1/2 and Tyler was 3. They are the first people we met in our neighborhood in Lehi, we are so grateful they are still very close friends!
Kaden and Grandma Thatcher
Jessica, Kaden, and Kevin


Jana said...

What a big day for your adorable family! I was baptized on Halloween a hundred years ago! How funny! You have a beautiful family & I love to see a snid-bit of your life on here! Oh, & I've never seen a snowman costume like your nephews! So cute!!! Congrats to both your boys on their blessing/baptism day!

Lemon Family said...

Cute pictures

becky said...

That is a big day. How awesome that they can share their baptism and blessing day. You all look so great. It is fun to see all the pictures.