Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween 2009

My adorable nephew Cory was the cutest little snowman!
All of the kids ready to head out for some Trick or Treating. Jackson was taking a nap so he didn't get to join in on the fun. The weather was perfect and the kids had so much fun. They didn't get much candy because our neighborhood is on the side of the mountain so the kids had to climb lots of stairs and got tired. They were excited because they each got 5 full size candy bars! Nicolas had his candy gone the day after Halloween, he takes after me!
My boys all ready to go trick or treating!
When the flash goes off Jackson's eyes get huge, so this is how he looks in every picture I take!

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Abish said...

Ha ha! I love Jackson's face! The kids are so cute in their costumes! :D