Sunday, August 10, 2008

Circus Circus

I know this is long past due since we've been home for over a week but this was a fun experience so I thought I would put some pictures on here. On our way home from Utah we stopped in Reno for dinner and ended up at Circus Circus. That is one crazy place. I think I could have just sat there for hours watching all of the interesting people. My favorite was the 400 lb. woman who only stopped gambling long enough to give her 2 obese kids $40 to go get more food(buffet of course) and play more games so she could gamble some more.
Anyways, we had dinner at the buffet(we had to fit in so we didn't get mugged), then watched a juggling show, played a few games, then finished the last 2 hours of our drive. We thought we would stop for about an hour but it ended up being 2 and a half hours. We ended up not getting home til one in the morning. We were all exhausted the next day!

My happy boys! Kaden won a stuffed animal playing a game. He was so excited.

The juggling show, they were really good.

Nicolas enjoyed the buffet!

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