Sunday, August 24, 2008

2 years!

Two years ago today we arrived at our little apartment here in California. It's so crazy to think we have been here that long. At times it seems like we've been here forever and sometimes like time has flown past. I honestly didn't know I would be able to survive to see this day! I know that sounds dramatic but in the beginning things were pretty rough. Nicolas was two weeks old when we moved, he didn't sleep well and cried alot! I didn't know anyone here and didn't know what to do with him. We got here and the next day we took our little Kaden who wasn't quite five to a strange school to start kindergarten. He was so strong and helped us through such a hard time with his sweet spirit. It is really hard for me to look back at those first 9 months here but somehow we made it through. I'll never forget the day my mom showed up at my door. We had been here for about a month and I was really struggling. I was depressed and having a really hard time with Nicolas. That day I decided that I couldn't handle breastfeeding and was in a lot of pain, she gently convinced me I should keep trying (so I wouldn't explode)and give it a little more time. She has been the one who got me through all of my hard times, and I don't know where I would be without her. Nicolas is now a wonderful, sweet 2 year old and I love him so much. After 2 moves since we've been here, we've bought a house and we're settled here for now. Thank you everyone who has helped us through this time, especially my parents for their frequent visits that I couldn't go without.


Now It's Just Camie... said...

When I read this I couldn't believe you have been here for two years already - that just shows me how fast time flies! Sometimes I can't believe I am still in CA and settled for the time being!
I am glad we are getting to know each other (and familys) - thanks for coming over on Friday for Sam's big day!

Lisa said...

Happy anniversary!!!
We are glad you guys are still here. You have a sweet family and we love hanging out with you. You are always welcome to come scrapbook anytime!