Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School!

Today was a big day for us, my little boys are growing up! Kaden started 2nd grade! It is so great to live right across the street from the school. When the line up bell rang at 8:20, we walked out and got him lined up, I love it! While he was at recess I walked out to take out the garbage and got to see him at the playground. Now that he gets to go to school there I realize why we bought this house. Last year there wasn't enough room when we moved in so he got bussed to another school. It was okay with him though since he got to stay at the same school he was already at. I'm hoping that he likes his teacher. Every time I tell someone who his teacher is they say how strict she is and she doesn't put up with any crap! The first thing Kaden said when I asked him about school was that his teacher is strict. Kaden better be a good kid!
Lined up and ready to start the day!


Michael and Kari said...

What a cutie! It's so sad how fast they grow!

Kip & Erica Prestwich said...

Holly I can't believe how big your boys are getting! I also cant believe Nicolas is 2!!!!! Where did those 2 years go? Well it looks like you guys are doing well. Call sometime, we need to catch up!

Graciesmom said...

How cute! Can you believe how time flies. School starts for us on Wednesday!