Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guitar Hero, Cheerleaders, Soccer, and Karate

This is a pretty random post but we have been doing some interesting stuff lately so I thought I would share.
The boys love to play Guitar Hero together, this is them Saturday morning perfecting their skills!
Friday night some friends invited us to their sons JV football game. We were sitting in front of the cheerleaders and at first Nicolas was a little nervous about all of the yelling, kicking, and jumping around, but as you can see he warmed right up to them. When they would dance he would just sit and stare and as soon as they were done he would clap and yell good job! By the end of the game they were saying how adorable he is and how they wished he was old enough to be their boyfriend. All I can say is after seeing some of those wild girls I'm ready to lock up my boys til they are 40! Its scary to think of girls getting their hands on my sweet little boys!

Kaden got to be goalie on Saturday for part of the game. He was pretty nervous about it but fortunately his team is so good that the ball never even came to him, so no worries. They won again 5-0, great job Dynamite!
Kaden started karate this week and went in for an evaluation, he did great and we are going to his first class today.


Michael and Kari said...

Looks like you're staying busy as always! You know you're in trouble when you're fighting off the girls when they're 2! 10 years from now, I have a feeling we'll be calling each other a lot for support!

Abish said...

I love guitar hero! It kind of turns you into a zombie though from concentrating on the notes. Your boys are super cute and it seems like you are always doing something fun with them.