Friday, September 12, 2008

A conversation with Kaden

I just got home from dropping Kaden off at his friends house and we had a very interesting conversation. Kaden always asks really random questions and probably thinks I don't know anything because my answer is usually that I don't know. The questions are usually about snakes, lizards, fish, and alligators, which I really don't like, so I don't know much about them! So anyways as we're pulling out of the driveway he asks, "How long did it used to take to get from our old house to my old school, like 10 minutes?" Me,"Probably". A minute later,"Can alligators breath under water?" Me,"I'm not sure." Then he asks "How big are fleas are they teeny teeny tiny?" Me,"Yep" Kaden,"What color are they?" Me, "I'm not sure I think they are black or brown." Then he asks,"Do dust mites live everywhere but where its really really freezing cold like Antartica?" Me,"I don't really know much about dust mites, sorry." Then he see's the swimming pool and asks, "Does it cost $5 per person to get into the swimming pool?" Me, "Yes". Kaden,"So it would cost us $20 for our whole family?" Me,"Yep". Kaden,"My friend Lauren has 2 pet crabs." Me,"Wow, she's lucky."
At that point we got to his friends house and it was the end of the conversation. As you can see I don't have to say much, he just wants an answer. Sometimes I would love to get in his head and see whats going on in there. If he's not talking he's making some sort of noise and usually standing on his head at the same time.


Jamie said...

That's a pretty funny conversation! : )
My friend used to work at the Bean Museum at BYU taking care of all the reptiles... that would be a good job for Kaden. I went with her once and watch her feed all the lizards, snakes, etc. It was pretty interesting.

It would definitely be fun to get inside our kids heads and see what they are thinking!

Graciesmom said...

I have those same conversations with Gracie! Once when I didn't know the answer she asked if I had ever learned about it in school and then said maybe i forgot because I was so old now! Leave it to your kids to humble you :)

Michael and Kari said...

That's a crack up! What a funny boy! He's so....inquisitive! I guess that comes with being so smart.