Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Parties and Swimming!

On Labor Day we got together with some friends for a bbq and swimming in the pool. The kids had a great time. We're grateful we have friends that love to share their nice pool!

Nice look on Nicolas, he was thinking he was pretty cool!

We went to the pool at our gym Saturday and Nicolas just kind of sat on the chair and zoned out for a few minutes. He looks pretty silly! He also insisted on bringing his blanky and "Nachos" the dog with us.

Friday was Nicolas' little friend Sam's 2nd birhtday and they invited us over for a bbq and swimming. It was nice to hang out and visit while the kids played. Kaden had a lot of fun swimming and playing with some friends and talked all about it for the next few days. Nicolas also had fun with Sam.


Erin said...

Hey Holly!
It's your cousin, Erin!! I found your blog from your Facebook & wanted to say hi.
Your boys are so flipping cute! I can't believe how big they are.
Looks like you guys had a way fun Labor day!!

Michael and Kari said...

Looks like a fun BBQ! We miss you guys!

Haley said...

Hey Holly! Your kids are the cutest around.. really. We miss you guys.. why don't we hang out when you come to town?