Friday, November 14, 2008

Soccer Party

After Saturday's game Kaden's soccer season will officially be over. The other night we had an end of season party at Round Table. The coach said really nice things about each player and presented each of them with a trophy and a cute scrapbook his wife made for each of the kids. She did such an amazing job, thanks Raimi! Kaden had a lot of fun playing soccer and was on a really good team. He was a bit more timid than the other players but did a great job playing defender. His team tied one game and won the other games. He really liked his coach this year. The coach made sure all of the kids had equal playing time and got rotated through all of the positions. He was very positive with the kids and they all had a lot of fun. Kaden hopes he can be on the same team next year. Thanks Coach John, you do a wonderful job!


Stephanie said...

It was great having the boys on the same team this year. Kaden did great!

Raimi said...

We are so glad Kaden joined the team this year. I know the boys have a great time on the field. John loves them all & LOVES to coach. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

john said...

Kaden was a great teammate. Kaden did a great job this year and learned a lot. It makes it easy to coach when you have players like Kaden on the team.