Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Voted!

Today after our workout at the gym Nicolas and I headed to the polls to vote. As we were leaving the gym Nicolas was telling everyone he was going to vote! It was pretty funny. I am ashamed to admit this was the first time I have ever voted. I don't know why I've never voted, but with the hot issue of Proposition 8 I new I needed to support traditional marriage and vote. I also want to show my kids how important it is to support our country and exercise our right to vote. We have done our best to support Prop 8 by donating our time and money and putting a sign up in our yard, I am just praying that it passes, I can't imagine what will happen if it doesn't. I can't believe that signs were stolen from peoples yards and two people in our stake were deliberately ran over as they were waving Yes on 8 signs. Its so sad to see that people can have such hatred in their hearts! Last night for FHE we decided to explain to Kaden the importance of passing Prop 8. We discussed how God created the earth and man, and that he created a woman for Adam. We then explained what people are trying to do to marriage and how we feel about it. We didn't really want to teach our 7 year old about homosexuality but decided with all that's on TV and with everyone talking about it that it was important that we taught him what we believe and what we feel is right.
Kaden came home with a sticker that said "I voted". I guess they voted in class today, Jorge and I thought that was pretty interesting. He was excited that McCain won, which is who he voted for. He said he wished they could of voted for Prop 8 because he thinks it is really important that it passes.
Nicolas was so excited to "vote", he even got his "I voted" sticker and was proud to wear it.
Nicolas and I showing off our "I voted" stickers.(Excuse the lovely post gym look!)


Abish said...

Proposition 8 is a touchy subject for a lot of people and I won't get into a lot of detail about what I think about it. I kind of thought your comment about people opposing it being full of hatred was ironic. Homosexuals probably think that Proposition 8 is a form of hate or discriminating legislature. Fighting hate with hate isn't right though.

Michael and Kari said...

Cute. I can't believe you're already having to have "those talks" with Kaden! I guess it's not that far off for us either. Sounds like you needed to talk about it. I can't believe those horrible things people did to your neighbors and ward members either! So sad! Interesting how intolerant people can be when they're so quick to preach tolerance.

Jess said...

Hey Abish,
I'm sure if you re-read Holly's post, you'll realize she wasn't saying that all people opposing proposition 8 are full of hate, but it's pretty safe to say that anyone who runs someone over with their car is full of hate.

Abish said...

Holly, I hope you didn't take offense to my comment since apparently someone else did. I made the assumption from your comment that your friends were deliberately ran over by people who were opposing proposition 8 and that you were stating that people who steal signs from yards and run people over are the ones full of hate. I wasn't accusing you of saying all people who oppose Proposition 8 are hateful. I was simply trying to point out the irony of each party doing what the other thinks as hateful, one party stealing signs and running people over, the other party making it illegal for the other to marry. Like I said before, this is a touchy subject for a lot of people and people are quick to take offense over simple observations.

The Garcia's said...

I didn't make comments on my blog about prop 8 to offend anyone who reads it. I guess I need to be more careful about what I say. I was just stating the fact that I dont't think its right for someone to steal from me or intentionally run someone over for using their right to free speech.Just as people opposing prop 8 may be feeling their rights are being taken away if it passes we feel like our rights are taken away if it didn't. I don't feel like its right for a 5 year old to be taught about homosexuality in school and being read books like "The 2 Kings", which shows 2 men marrying, and me not having the right to chose wheather my child is part of these lessons and not being able to pull them out of school. There are alot of other reasons we wanted prop 8 to pass than not letting gays marry. We want to protect our marriages and our children. I have nothing against gay people, my beliefs are my beliefs. I feel that God created men and woman to marry each other, and he will be the one to judge, not me. I don't think people outside of California really realize what is going on here, what we have encountered each day and on TV with this whole thing. And even though it passed it will never be over. They are already protesting at temples in LA. I'm really sorry if I offended you with anything I said. Holly

Abish said...

Holly, I wasn't offended by any of your comments. I agree that children being taught homosexuality in school and not having a choice about it is a difficult situation for any parent. As much as we want to protect our children, we can't always choose what our children learn and when. Unfortunately I won't have the choice to avoid telling my children (when I actually have some) because they will have a gay family member. This is something I can't avoid teaching them about. There is a fine line on what to tell children about homosexuality and at what age. There are many things that we want our children to avoid doing like drugs, alcohol, having premarital sex or anything else that we consider immoral or a sin. We can't keep these things away from our children forever. They are a part of the world. Ultimately it is up to us to teach and pass down our moral beliefs to our children so that they know what to do when they encounter these situations. If we do our part as parents, then they will not have a problem, but they are free to make their own choices and mistakes. I take comfort in knowing that my children will be more tolerant and understanding people than I am because they will grow up with a gay family member, while this is something that I have had to learn and struggle with throughout my life. I do understand why a lot of people support Proposition 8 but it's something I can't do and don't feel good about since I have a family member that it discriminates against.