Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our trip to Utah so far

We have been in Utah for just over a week and we are enjoying it so much!  The weather has been beautiful for November.  I went out and bought coats before we left expecting it to be snowy and freezing, but they are still sitting in our suitcases.  I drove out here by myself with the boys and Jorge just flew in late last night.  Kaden and Nicolas missed their daddy so much and have had fun spending time with him today.  On our way here we stopped in Elko and spent the night.  It was my first time driving more than 2 hours alone and the first time I've stayed at a hotel with just the kids.  We had a lot of fun at the hotel and the drive couldn't have gone better, well it could of if the dvd player hadn't died 20 min. into our 10 hour drive.  I was really nervous about how we would all do but I think I would do it again, especially with how low gas prices are!  Since we've been here both boys have gotten sick so we haven't been able to visit many friends and family.   Its been kind of nice to not be on the go all the time and just enjoy being here.  My parents worked hard to get their basement finished for us to have a nice place to stay. Here are some pictures of what we've been up too.

We had fun swimming in the pool at the hotel.  My friend Camie recommended the Comfort Inn, it was really nice and clean.  As we were going in Kaden said it was the nicest hotel he had ever been in.  We obviously don't get out much!

I know this picture is inappropriate but it was just hilarious seeing him walk around like that. He's going to love this one when he's older.  We got to the hotel late and couldn't find his swimming suit so he swam in his onesie. 
                                                      My cute boys all ready for bed.
My niece Kristine had a tea party for her 5th birthday.  Nicolas and Kaden got to join in on the fun.  The picture above is Nicolas and Jacob having their own little tea party.  Kaden got into the dress ups and played party games with the 12 little girls that came.  

We went and visited out friends the Arnesens in Lehi a couple of times.  The boys had a lot of fun running around and playing.  Abby liked to play with Nicolas.  We sure miss them, they are good friends!

Nicolas took a bath with my moms dog Sadie, neither of them enjoyed it very much.  Who would want to take a bath with a dog!
My brothers friend got married, this is my cute sister in law Jessica, my mom, and me at their open house.


Michael and Kari said...

Looks like you had a fun visit! I love all the cute pictures - esp. Nicholas' swimsuit! Sorry we missed you guys this round - Jared had a stomach bug and Scott was running a fever. I hope you can make it out for Christmas! Let us know!

Lemon Family said...

Fun- It's always good to have time to relax with family.