Monday, December 22, 2008

Bye bye baby!

Nicoals is officially a big boy! We decided after hearing Kaden complain for the last year about how much he hated his loft bed (and I was fed up with banging my head on the ceiling while changing the sheets) to set up his old bed. We cut the legs off of the loft bed which makes a perfect bed with side rails for a very wiggly 2 year old. Now we have two happy little boys. Nicolas transitioned really well to the new bed and even yells for me in the morning just like his big brother did til he was 3 1/2. Hopefully that will last! I will post some pictures of the new rooms once the new handmade bedspreads arrive from Grandma for Christmas!


Michael and Kari said...

What a big boy! I'm pulling for you on the whole staying put issue! I got your family picture! I love how they turned out - such a good looking family! Merry Christmas to you guys! I still haven't gotten out my letter, so it's looking like it'll be more like a new year's letter this year!

Cara said...

Wow...he's getting so big! Congrats on the milestone.