Saturday, June 7, 2008

Take me out to the ball game!

Jorge, Kaden and, Kip went to the Rivercats(farming for the Oakland A's) game in Sacramento friday night. Kaden had a great time. He spent the game paying very close attention, to all the foul balls! He could of cared less about the score but kept count of every single foul ball each team "scored". He loved the nachos and dippin dots he got to have for dinner (dads idea of dinner!) We love Kaden so much he's such a fun kid!


Lisa said...

Cute picture!!
He'll be great in math.

Raimi said...

Sounds like a fun boys night out!

Amy K said...

Hi Holly! I just saw your blog - Kaden is so cute. I miss seeing him each week. Lets get the boys together when school gets out!