Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Water Park

Hayden loved the water
Nicolas enjoyed climbing around at the park more than the water.

After being stuck in the house for the past 4 days because of the smoke filled air we had to get out. Me and the kids met my friend Skye and her cute little boy Hayden at this fun water park. Skye and her husband Joel were our neighbors then they moved away 8 months ago but now they are back, and we're so excited! Although its hard being away from Utah something that I love about this area is the abundance of super fun city parks. There is a park on practically every corner it seems like, and they are all clean and well maintained. Any time we are bored we head to the park. We are also lucky because the house we bought is right across from an elementary school and the playground is right out our front door.


Raimi said...

My boys love to play @ this park! In fact, we played there this morning/afternoon! So fun to see Hayden in the pictures. I have not seen him since he was a baby-so cute!

Now It's Just Camie... said...

Great blog Holly - I love your background. I love that water park and we haven't been yet! When we all get back from Utah let try to get together so the kids can play!

Kevin and Jess said...

What a fun looking water park! We need one of those in Springville! : ) See ya soon!