Monday, June 23, 2008

Today's Events

We didn't have anything that happened last week that was blog worthy, but today we were busy enough to fill up a whole week. (Part of the reason nothing happened last week is because I was finally convinced to read the books Twilight and New Moon. Everyone kept telling me to read them but I didn't think I was interested, then my mom left them here for me to read. She kept asking me if I had read them yet, I didn't want to keep telling her no so I finally started reading the first one. Needless to say I could not put it down, then as soon as I finished it I immediatly started the next one. I read them in less than a week and can't wait to get to Utah to start reading the next one!)
This morning Nicolas got to go to his first friend birthday party. His friend Chase turned 3 today and our playgroup got together for a fun water party. The kids got to play in the water, run around outside, and swing on their swing set. They got some fun pirate treasures to take home. Nicolas was so excited he chanted "party, party, party" the whole morning. He really had no idea what was going on but was excited to be in his swimming suit and going to his friends house. I have to thank Patti for keeping Nicolas so I could take Kaden to his art class.
Kaden loves to draw and color so we signed him up for an art camp for the week. He gets to go to the Children's Art Center for an hour every morning to learn new drawing techniques. Today was the first day and they learned how to draw leaves and use different textures. He had a good time but was excited to leave to get back to the fun birthday party.
Then this afternoon we went visiting teaching and the girl we went to visit has a pool and invited the kids to swim while we visited. The kids had a great time and swam for 2 hours. It was nice to get to talk and not have to be in the pool with the kids. She even set up a little kiddie pool for the little ones to play in. Kaden and Nicolas would live in the water if we let them. Well, that was our exciting day and now we're headed to the gym before the kids go to bed.
Ready to party!

Nicolas and the birthday boy. (we couldn't get them to both look so this is the best I could get)
My handsome artist!
Not so sure about the pool I guess!


Jess said...

I'm so glad you read the books. I was so obsessed! We'll have to talk all about them when you get here. The third one is good, but my favorite is the second one. OOhhh...I just love those books. Anyway. It looks like ya'll are staying busy and having fun. Can't wait to see you, Jorge and those handsome boys!

Jamie said...

Cute pictures!
I love the one of Nicholas in front of the garage, ready-to-go!