Monday, July 7, 2008

We made it to Utah!

                 9 hours into the drive and we're all still happy!
     An hour and a half before we arrived they both finally fell asleep.
Greeting Papa and getting fun stuff from their cruise they just got home from.
                                            Loving Papa and Trisha 
We got here just in time to enjoy a barbeque and birthday party for my dad.  It was fun to see my whole family right when we got here. 
After the party my sister took all of the kids for a ride on the 4 wheeler, notice the high heels, she's never without them whether she's on a 4 wheeler or shopping in Park City for the day.  All of the kids love Sis!
Our drive was pretty uneventful.  Its crazy to say but it was actually kind of fun.  We left at five expecting the kids to go right to sleep.  It took Nicolas about 45 minutes to go to sleep and I'm not quite sure Kaden ever did.  Once they are awake they are wide awake and it takes alot to get them back to sleep, they are way too much like their mom!  We made really good time with brief gas stops, a 30 minute lunch break, and rush hour traffic in SLC we made it in 11 hours.  The kids stayed happy and entertained, our only mistake was letting Nicolas have a couple swigs of Jorge's Mt. Dew at lunch.  We were expecting to get in the car after lunch and having them zonk out but Nicolas got really wound up and took forever to go to sleep.  We got here and Nicolas jumped into my Mom's arms and was so happy to see everyone.  Then we enjoyed an evening celebrating my Dad's birthday. 


Bryce and Kella Allfrey said...

Hey Holly its your old neighbor kella- your little boys are too cute! you have such a cute little family!

Brad and Julianne Heaps said...

Glad you made it safely -- you're not missing much here -- tons of smoke and 111 degree weather. Have a fun trip and we'll have to play when you get back.