Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bon Voyage!

The boys stole my suitcases while I was packing and made beds in them!

Tomorrow at 4 am we are headed out for our 10 hour drive to Utah. We have had a very busy week getting ready to be gone for three weeks. We have been back to Utah alot since we moved out here but we have flown every time, this time we're being crazy and driving. Kaden is so excited to see everyone and Nicolas doesn't really know whats going on. Jorge is driving us out there then flying back on Saturday. We will be getting there just in time to celebrate my Dad's birthday tomorrow. Wish us luck!


Stephanie said...

Have fun in Utah! I know you've been looking forward to going (the big count-down clock was a BIG hint, too!! he-he) Love the picture of your boys in the suitcase. So cute.

Raimi said...

Have a great time & enjoy your family!

Michael and Kari said...

I love how you pack your bags! I'm so glad you guys are coming out to visit and we look forward to playing with you!